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The objective of KMaya?
The ‘Communities of Practice' (CoP) face-to-face program began five years ago and the first 18 months was devoted to designing, building and testing of our CoP model. During the span of five years we had facilitated over 15 CoPs and performed multiple consultancy projects, in topics that are related to the Information and Knowledge Management Industry. In order to ‘codify' the user-generated content in our CoPs, we have decided to embark on the development of KMaya to enable online collaboration. KMaya has a core team of four facilitators plus a web designer for web development and support. Our fervent wish is that the users will use KMaya as a platform to allow knowledge and experiences to be exchanged between specialists and novices nationally and, increasingly, internationally.

Benefits of KMaya?
is a well-structured Online Forum that is focused on delivering multiple values to the Information Management community.

Benefits to Community Members

Improve Work Competence Receive help on problems & challenges.

  1. Access to subject matter experts.
  2. Closer bond with fellow colleagues and fellow practitioners.
  3. Network to expand knowledge in a field.
  4. Network to develop new approaches to problems and challenges.
  5. Network to share information on latest developments in a field.

Foster Professional Development

  1. Build confidence in problem-solving.
  2. Increase motivation for inquiry & learning leading to improved competencies.
  3. Increase ability to innovate.
  4. Enhance professional identity & reputation.
  5. Increase marketability & employability

Benefits to Organizationsthat Support Knowledge Communities

Improve Performance Outcome

  1. Faster turn-around time to resolve everyday problems.
  2. Synergistic use of knowledge to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Improve quality of decisions through wider collaboration of ideas.
  4. Synergistic transfer of knowledge to build competitive advantage.
  5. Capacity to develop best practices for benchmarking against other industry players.

Develop Organizational Capacities

  1. Strengthen human resource capacity to execute strategic plans.
  2. Improve communication channels to facilitate knowledge flow.
  3. Cultivation of knowledge-sharing practice and build knowledge alliances.
  4. Growth of talent pool to undertake knowledge-development projects.
  5. Increase capacity to innovate new strategic options.