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Online Communities of Practice : Cultivating Innovative Methods of Service Delivery

What are the social networking tools that can be optimised to build online CoPs ? How can these tools be developed into facilitating dynamic, wide-reaching knowledge exchange platforms with customers and cultivate innovative methods of service delivery?

  Benefits of the CoP Program  

The CoP thrived because the participants had shared their experiences, used an online knowledge sharing portal to create a ‘body of knowledge' that can be easily accessed by the community members. The Members delivered value to the organization that community members serve and to the community members themselves by focusing on the current problems and needs of the Information Management industry.

  The KM Conference : Panel Discussion hosted by Bank Negara (Oct. 2012)

The Panel discussion at Bank Negara on ‘KM Implementation : Experiences and Challenges' allowed panelists to discuss issues faced and how they had resolved it.

MS Geeta Albert (from Knowledge Connections), one of the panelist In the conference, highlighted the salient points in cultivating Communities of Practice(CoPs) programs as social networking tools to share and acquire knowledge.

  1. We rope in industry experts who research on current practices and share their experiences.;
  2. Implement a Knowledge Café workshop to brainstorm issues : communication barriers were down;
  3. The elements community, knowledge and practice were adapted to share the knowledge amongst solution partners, industry experts and practitioners and
  4. KMaya : An Online CoP was utilized to ‘capture' issues, experiences and share best practices amongst the Community members .

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