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Communities of Practice : Enhancing the Learning Agenda

What are communities of practice(CoPs) and how can we adapt CoP techniques to share experiences , explore new ideas and build best practices ? How can we use collaboration tools to encourage knowledge-sharing and learn from each other's' experiences?

  Benefits of the CoP Program  

The Best Practice Labs created value by stewarding knowledge resources within the library community through a ‘knowledge system' which includes two(2) inter-dependable processes by which knowledge is produced and applied - such as undeveloped ideas, latent skills - and converts them into visible accessible resources. These resources can then be applied in library processes to deliver value-added services to their customers.

  Sharing experiences in implementation issues : The Malaysian Armed Forces Best Practices Labs (Oct 2012)  

At the CoP brainstorming labs, the following knowledge assets were re-examined:

  • The findings of the 2008 ILMU Knowledge Audit;
  • The Library's Service Alerts on ILMU;
  • KMaya issues(populated by the ILMU Community) on the ‘how to' scenarios of the various functions of ILMU ; and
  • The ILMU ‘Functional Audit' which provided an operational perspective on the learning needs of the librarians.

KMaya was utilised as a strategy tool for online learning and knowledge exchange. The Online CoP tool provided a platform to identify functional areas that require further training and examine data related issues that require re-alignment policies towards developing re-branding strategies and initiatives for the libraries.

The collaboration outcome, indicated that the spirit of knowledge seeking and knowledge sharing was robust at this CoP Knowledge Sharing Lab.


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