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Adopting a CoP Knowledge Sharing Model: Cultivating Best Practices

Why the need for competence development? What competence development entails? How to approach competence development in terms of strategies and an implementation road map?

Role of Librarians in Information Management: What we do? Why we do? How we do?

  Benefits of the CoP Program  

The CoP thrived because the participants had shared their experiences, used KMaya to create a ‘body of knowledge' that can be easily accessed by the community members. The Members delivered value to the organization that community members serve and to the community members themselves by focusing on the current problems and needs of the Information Management industry.

  The 14th Community of Practice (CoP) program: hosted at the Perlis State Library (June 2012)  

The CoP brought focus on Competence Development as a topic that needs to be addressed in order to improve performance in any organization.

The human aspect of wanting to learn and knowing how to learn plays a critical role in Knowledge Management – hence the need to showcase critical elements of Competence Development at this CoP, that was attended by 59 community members from 18 organizations.

In the keynote address, Pn Shukirah Hj Yon (Penang State Library Director) highlighted the elements of Leadership, Organization, Technology and Learning as critical success factors in determining the success of a knowledge enabled organization.


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