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About KMaya About KMaya

The Ultimate Tool for Collaboration : Connecting the Knowledge Worker ………

The KMaya Community of Practice is designed to build a collaborative network of organizations and agencies that are actively involved in promoting and/or cultivating knowledge sharing activities to encourage life-long learning.

The KMaya Community of Practice portal is a virtual hub of knowledge and ideas – shared among peers – to promote the application of information and Knowledge management concepts and principles for the library industry. This portal is designed for both those who manage knowledge and for those who will use these knowledge assets.

The goals of KMaya are to:

  • Foster peer to peer knowledge exchange and learning among members;
  • Promote a consistent approach to best practices;
  • Reduce duplication, increase partnerships, and streamline projects and
  • Ultimately encourage new ideas and innovation.
    Take a minute to browse our diverse articles, activities and resources or explore our member list and you will soon see why so many IM professionals have bookmarked KMaya as one of their favorites!

    Explore KMaya and you'll quickly see why it is among the best websites for IM professionals today. On these pages, you'll find profiles of ILMU issues raised by the community, opinions and experiences that were contributed by the members. Simply click on the links at the left to browse through our marketing strategies and techniques that have based on our discussions and shared experiences gained at our NeuNexus Primer workshops.

The KMaya Product Line:

KMaya encourages learning from each other's' experiences, with a fundamental aim of ‘helping conversations to happen' and serves as a new learning channel for IM practitioners in their pursuit of enhancing their competency level. Focusing on a suite of products to advance in a community knowledge sharing paradigm, KMaya unleashes the following products and services:

1. Community HelpLine : The Online Knowledge Forum

  • Learn from existing ‘knowledge threads';
  • 'Talk' in E-forums, post discussions for interactive feedbacks;
  • Request for online help on issues related to operating ILMU functions, marketing strategies and techniques;
  • Communicate to online chat or blog amongst fellow members and
  • Cultivate Best Practices for managing information.

2. Reading Cafe : Advancing the Literacy Level

  • Effective way of browsing for information ;
  • Fast discovery of author's insights to develop fresh perspectives ;
  • Easy exploration of ‘know-hows' for decision making;
  • Enhance the professional's literacy level and
  • Cultivate the ‘reading habit'.

3. Building the Library Communities of Practice: Cultivating a Knowledge Sharing environment

  • Face-to-face brainstorming labs to share experiences and learn new ways of know-hows' ;
  • Listen and ‘Talk' to the Experts to advance the Competency Level of Library Professionals.
  • Socialize, create new networks and identify who ‘knows what' and
  • Apply the Reading Café Materials to build and ‘capture' best practices for future references.

4. ExpertLine : Discuss 'Fresh' Perspectives

  • Engage advisory support in Implementing Strategies ;
  • 'Capture' and aggregate knowledge nuggets in library related issues; and
  • Professional guidance in reviewing and realigning policies.

5. NeuNexus Consultancy : Engage in Knowledge Management Programs

  • Expertise to develop the 'Strategy Dashboard' for managing knowledge;
  • Cultivate CoPs in organizations to nurture knowledge sharing; and
  • Enhance your Community Portal to cultivate the organizational collaborative climate.

6. KMaya Advertorials : Online Space to Market Product Offerings

  • Identify key differentiators to develop product offerings;
  • Build marketing content and design advertorial layouts ; and
  • Facilitate hosting space to market the organizational products and services.

The KMaya Engine Room

To ensure continued vibrancy of our KMaya Community Engagements, we have a team of highly skilled professionals with a mission to ensure that the knowledge networks are sustained and the content is relevant and made accessible all the time.

The Team is made up of content creators, web administrators, networkers and the advisory support from a panel of Industry Experts.

What We Do And How We Do It….

We help bring out the capabilities of practitioners to fully participate in the programs and lead the work after our knowledge sharing sessions. Our Community of Practice programs provide the community with a collaborative environment to help secure a ‘buy-in' with the internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations.

With our broad reach of expertise across various Information and Knowledge Management functions, we speak our clients' language. We live where they live. We understand their business.

KMaya : The Key to Informal Learning.

The concept of KMaya provides a new approach to knowledge exchange and learning, focusing more on people and on the social structures that enable them to learn with and from each other. KMaya has been well-structured to be used as a vehicle for developing strategic capabilities in organizations because -

For the Organization: KMaya

  • Builds knowledge-based alliances
  • Improves quality of decisions and strengthens quality assurance
  • Develops capacity for new strategic options and
  • Increases retention of talent


For the Knowledge Worker: KMaya

  • Facilitates forums for expanding skills and expertise
  • Builds confidence in approach to challenges
  • Develops Networks for keeping abreast of a knowledge domain
  • Enhances professional identity and reputation

So we fervently hope subscribing to KMaya will let us help you enhance your learning agenda and develop the latent talents embedded within your organization into valuable knowledge assets because knowledge is a critical asset that needs to be managed strategically.

Thank You.

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